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Writer, musician, and world wanderer from the USA. After years of writing and traveling, I happened upon a group of crypto traders in Thailand and was fascinated with the ideas of decentralization, transparency, and accessibility. The crypto revolution is in full swing and we can’t escape its power…..but this is just the beginning.

The Best Hardware Bitcoin Wallets 2018

The Best Hardware Bitcoin Wallets 2018Bitcoins can be stolen just like the money in your back pocket. And the sad truth is that any time your money is connected to the internet, there is at least some risk of a hack. Plenty of Bitcoin investors have lost fortunes due to hacked exchanges, crypto scams, and tragic mistakes […]

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Kraken Exchange Review 2018 | Security, Fees, Limits, etc.

Kraken Exchange Review 2018 | Security, Fees, Limits, etc.Kraken is a major US-based exchange with low fees, lucrative fiat/crypto trading pairs, and advanced trading options. It is consistently ranked as one of the best exchanges by independent media outlets. But performance and credibility issues have rocked its once-stable user base.Is it safe to use? Are there […]

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Binance Exchange Review 2018 | Cryptopositive

Binance Exchange Review 2018 Binance is one of the market’s most unique exchanges. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting place to speculate on rare and high-potential coins, you’ve found it.But a lot has changed since it opened its doors, and it hides a few dark secrets. My updated review of the Binance Bitcoin exchange will […]

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